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The conference program is available to download:

  LRS IV Program (pdf, 92KB) (Updated October 4, 2007)


Proceedings from Library Research Seminar IV are not available; however, a number of presenters have provided abstracts of their papers.

pdf icon  Abstracts are in PDF format and are in alphabetical order by first author. 

Adkins, Denice.  Latinos Using Literacy: Reading and Language Choice in the Latino Community. (78KB)

Given, Lisa M.  Exploring Undergraduates’ Academic Information Behaviours: The University Campus as an Informing Space. (21KB)

Julien, Heidi.  Public Libraries: The Educative Role in a Digital Society. (16KB)

McKechnie, Lynne (E.F).  “Cause really they only have a few books I like” (Michael, male, 13 years): Young adults and (non)use of public libraries. (16KB)

McKenzie, Pamela J., Rosamund K. Stooke, and Lynne (E.F.) McKechnie.  Learning the library: the work of public library storytime participants. (41KB)

Preer, Jean.  Promoting Citizenship: Librarians Help Get Out the Vote in the 1952 Election. (23KB)

Silver, Howard. Use of Collaborative Spaces in an Academic Library. (16KB)

Stooke, Rosamund.  Mapping the Social Relations of Public Library Preschool Programs. (10KB)

Westbrook, Lynn.  Community Information Networks for Domestic Violence Survivors: Gaps and Safety-Nets. (13KB)

Williamson, Vicki.  Libraries Building Communities: Australian research with implications for Canada? (19KB)